Once Upon A Time: The Wicked Witch vs The Evil Queen, Who Will Win?


It’s a showdown in Story Brooke, and you better be prepared. The Evil Queen Regina and her sister, that’s right I said sister, The Wicked witch are battling for power. It was revealed last night during episode 16 of season 3 that Regina and the Wicked witch are siblings from the same mother. Apparently their mother Cora had Zelena (The Wicked Witch) before having Cora, but gave her up because she didn’t see her fit to become a queen. That’s not all, Rumpelstiltskin trained them both but decided to not continue with his training of Zelena due to the Jealousy and Envy she had for her younger sister, which consequently turned her green with envy. The Wicked witch is out for Regina’s heart, which can be an ingrediant to cast a curse that will send them all back in time so that they can all do their lives over again.

The whole battle between Regina and her sister is very intense and yet exciting to witness. I don’t know about you all but I am rooting for the Evil Queen, whom we may be someday be calling the Good Queen. It seems as if Regina has more of a heart now than ever and she is slowly growing a family with Snow and the rest of the town. Although people may not trust her much. Zelena on the other hand is just plain wicked for now, who knows, maybe she will be good or maybe Regina will demolish her.

Who Are You Rooting For