Will Emma and the Others Save their Kingdom from the Wicked Witch?

emma The last 3 months without our guilty pleasure has been torture, but oh sweet relief to know that the show is back. In the premiere of the newest episode of “Once Upon A Time” Emma is on a date with a guy she has been dating for eight months and he asked her to marry him. Whoa talk about an epic introduction, but of course Emma has to think about everything and in the midst of her diner, while her boyfriend goes to the bathroom, she is interrupted by hook. Hook tries to convince emma to remember but she is still rejecting his help.

Hook meets up with Hook again later and have him arrested for assault. Later Emma receives a package in the mail with photos of her and Henry and Storybrooke and she begins to believe hook, bails him out, drinks a potion that makes er remember and she sets out for Storybrooke with Henry.

The wicked witch of OZ takes over the Kingdom of the enchanted forest and now she, the evil queen, snow white and all the others are preparing battle to win back the kingdom. How wicked is this witch, is she more powerful or even more wicked than Regina. I guess we will have to wait to see.

How did you guys feel about this episode?