Once Upon A Time: Is Peter Pan Coming To Storybrooke!


It looks like yet another fairytale character may be coming to storybrooke, so we think. As we all know Rumpelstiltskin finally found his son Baelfire, whom turns out to be Neal, who’s Emma’s ex-boyfriend and is also Henry’s father, talk about a small world. But can Neal/Baelfire also be someone else.

In the Candadian promo for the next episode of Once Upon A Time we hear Neal talking to Emma about his past with captain hook. He says that he and hook meet in another word, that he made stops by a few other worlds before entering the current one, and that if he didn’t he’s probably be hundreds of years old by now.

We all know that Peter Pan stayed young forever in Neverland, could Neal have become peter pan over the years before entering the real world? Although the writers stated that Peter Pan won’t premiere this season they could have changed their minds.