Once Upon A Time Season 2 Episode 11 “The Outsider” Recap.



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Tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time was great but it was destruction for Mr.Gold (Rumpelstiltskin).

The episode starts as Mr. Gold take someone to the town line and throws them over the line. Mr.Gold made a potion that will allow those of Storybrooke to cross without forgetting who they are, and his first test subject was the guy he threw over the line.

As Belle enters Mr.Gold’s shop he reveals to her that he has made a potion that will allow him to cross the border so that he can look for his son, without forgetting who he is. Mary Margaret her family and friends host a funeral for Archie (Jiminy Cricket).

Later Belle is seen working in her library when all of a sudden Captain hook burst in the library and start chasing Belle in attempt to kill her in order to get back at Rumpelstiltskin(Mr.Gold). Belle locks herself inside the elevator in the library in order to save herself from Hook. Locked inside the elevator she calls Mr.Gold to tell her whats going on, her cellphone is breaking up so Mr.Gold can’t quite make out what she is saying but he realizes she is in trouble.

Meanwhile back at Mary Margaret’s home Henry is still mourning the loss of his best friend Archie, who everyone thinks is dead, as we know from last weeks episode that he his still alive. The town people also talks to Mary Margaret(Snow White), David(Prince Charming) and Emma(Snow and Prince Charming’s Daughter) about going back home, they want to leave Storybrooke.

As Mr.Gold Enters the Library he gets Belle out of the elevator and Hook is nowhere to be found. As he and Belle walks back to his shop he tells her why he and Captain Hook hate each other. As Belle and Mr.Gold enters his shop, he notices that Hook has been there and that he destroyed his shop.

Later Belle figures out that Captain Hook came into town to on his ship. Belle goes to the docks to find Hook’s ship, but she doesn’t see the ship but she then notices that the ship is invisible. As she finds her way onto the ship, she hears someone scream for help. As she goes searching through the ship, she finds Archie tied up and she sets him free and tells him to run and go get Mr.Gold.

After Archie leaves hook enters the ship and see’s Belle searching for Mr.Golds scarf. Hook tells Belle about how Mr.Gold killed his first wife. Belle makes her escape, and as she reaches the ships deck Hook is pointing a gun at her. Hook then realizes that Mr.Gold is behind him and Mr.Gold knocks Hook out with his cane, and beats him with his cane as well. Belle convinces Mr.Gold not to kill hook. Mr. Gold then tells Hook to take his ship, leave and never come back.

Back at Mary Margaret’s home she Emma and Henry are talking when they hear a knock at the door. They then discover that It’s Archie and they realize that he isn’t dead. Emma then realizes that Regina (The Evil Queen) was telling the truth, and Archie told them that it was Cora who kidnapped him.

At the town border Mr.Gold pour his potion over his scarf so that he can cross the border. As he crosses the border he realizes that he still has his memory and he and Belle are happy about it. All of a sudden hook comes behind them and shoots Belle in the back causing her to fall over the border and forget who she his.

As Mr.gold gets ready to destroy captain hook, a car crashes into town and hits Captain Hook. Mr.Gold realizes that the car is from an outsider.

We are happy that Regina’s name is cleared of a hanus crime in this episode. This episode was great.

What did you all think of this episode?

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    this show is amazing