Will We Meet Snow White’s Mother This Season?

Credit: ABC Network

Credit: ABC Network

Executive producer Edward Kitsis sat down with TV Guide to talk about the possible appearance of Snow White’s mother.

Until this Time we have heard that Snow White’s mother was dead, but the writers think that it would be a great Idea to do a back story into Snow White’s life and show us how her mother taught her to become Snow White. What is her mother’s name? Her mother’s name is EVA.

“The Snow White story usually begins with the stepmother trying to get rid of her,so we thought it would be fun to explore what Snow’s mom was like. Her name is Eva, and she’s the person who taught Snow White how to be Snow White. Snow’s mother has a surprising connection to someone we know.”

We cannot wait to meet Snow’s mother. Who could Snow’s mother be connected to? What are your guesses?