Once Upon A Time Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Will Regina fall short of power this season?



Spoiler Alert!!!!
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We have been waiting a month to return to our sweet yet tragic town of Storybrooke. The drama keeps piling up, the magic keeps coming and the fear is thickening.

As Cora and Hook arrives in Storybrooke, there is welcome home party for Mary Margaret(Snow White) and her daughter, the savior, Emma. All happiness goes south when Regina(Evil Queen) appears for the party. Emma invited the queen in belief that she is actually trying to change her evil ways in order to save face with her adopted son Henry. We are happy to see that Regina is really trying to change for the better.

Regina was then seen by Ruby(Red Riding Hood) going into Archie’s(Jiminy Cricket) office. Regina then ask Archie if they could talk, seeming sad and concerned. After entering the office the dog lets out a few barks at Regina. As Archie goes into his patient files he realizes that Regina is standing behind him, and she uses her magic to freeze the dog. Regina then grabs Archie by the neck and kills him, with magic. After leaving the office we realize that it was actually Cora that took the form of her daughter Regina to frame her for murder.

After Archie was found dead by Ruby and Emma, Ruby told Emma that Regina was the last person she saw going into the office. After bringing Regina into the station for questioning Emma then looks at Regina’s face after revealing the news to that her therapist Archie is dead, and she see’s the look of concern and sadness in Regina’s eye’s. Emma believes that Regina didn’t have anything to do with this, but David(Prince Charming) and Mary Margaret(Snow White), aren’t convinced.

After letting Regina go Emma was determined to find out the truth about Archie’s death. After finding nothing she then said that Regina could have been framed and possibly by Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin). After confronting Mr.Gold, he denied that he had anything to do with it, he then suggest that they ask the dog. Mr.Gold tells them that they can use magic to find out what the dog saw. They don’t trust Mr.Gold so he says that instead of him doing Magic he will let Emma use hers. Emma didn’t want to do it because she has never used magic before. After waving a dream catcher over the dog, to catch what the dog has witness, he then gives it to Emma and tells her to use her powers to show everyone what was captured. After struggling to use it at first, Emma finally succeeds and everyone sees Regina, who they don’t know was actually Cora, murdering Archie.

Forming a group, Mary Margaret, David, and Emma then approaches Regina’s home to make the arrest. Regina refuses arrest and still claims her innocence. After arguing about not letting Henry see Regina, Regina then uses magic to push Emma away from her porch. Emma then screams “NOW” in which Cora comes from around a bush a throws Fairy dust at Regina, which is powerful enough to strain her powers. Seeing it coming, Regina catches the Fairy dust. After Emma tells Regina that Henry will never look at her the same after killing Archie, whom was Henry’s therapist and best friend, Regina then starts to cry and vanishes.

After Henry gets from school Emma tells him the bad news and from a far Regina watches Emma break the news to Henry and she burst into tears.

The episode ends with Cora and Hook, and we realize that Archie is not dead but that Cora kidnapped him and framed her daughter for murder, and that they are using Archie to get information about Rumpelstiltskin and his weaknesses.

So who was it that Cora killed? We have no idea.

This episode was amazing, I am starting to fall on Regina’s side, It seems that she really cares about Henry, but as long as her mother is in town I think Regina will remain evil.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?