Are You Watching ABC’s New Drama “Zero Hour”?


ABC Premiered their new scripted drama series “Zero Hour” last Thursday and the rating weren’t so good.

The show follows Hank Galliston who is a publisher of a Paranormal Magazine. When Hank learns that his wife has been kidnapped, he will stop at nothing to find his wife. During his journey in looking for his wife Hank learns that the man he is chasing is hunting down clocks made back in the 1930’s. Hank’s wife bought one of those clocks which caused her to be kidnapped. Hank later learns that there are 12 clocks to be found and back in the 1930’s there were 12 Apostles in the church that where assigned a clock each.

Still searching Hank finds out that the clocks that the guy is looking for has something to do with the end of the world. Hank also finds outh that he may be a reincarnation of himself from years ago, and that he must try to stop the end of the world from happening. This series is very intriguing and will have you at the edge of your seat, so many mysteries and so many amazing things happens in this show. The show also deals with tons of priest and biblical passages as we witness the passages of “The Book of REVELATIONS” coming to pass, which is the book in the bible that tells about the end of time.

We are seriously enjoying this show, and the ratings are low, we suggest that ABC promote this show a little more than they are. ABC’s Scandal already has a huge following so they can promote that less and lets get Zero Hour a bigger following.

Are you enjoying or watching this show?

  • Robert

    I love it…….its puzzle! So why they pull plug? thats bullsh!t!!!