Hart Of Dixie: Does Zoe Hart Really Love Wade?

Credit: The CW Network

Credit: The CW Network

Since her arrival in Bluebell, Alabama, Dr. Zoe Hart has always had her eyes set on Lawyer George Tucker. Zoe has always wanted to be with George even though he was engaged to Lemon Breeland, and Wade has had is eye on the doctor since she got to town.

After George and Lemon’s break up Zoe has tried to get in good with George but matters were to complicated to get a relationship going. Wade has always notice that Zoe wants George and he hated every second of it. Now that the writers has put them together, do we really believe that she really wants Wade or is she doing this to try things out, Is wade really her soul mate.

We don’t know how long Wade and Zoe’s relationship will last due to Zoe keep screwing things up. Zoe has a knack for taking control of another’s life as well as suggesting to them what they should do to make their life better. We all know that Wade has a pride issue as well as a self-esteem issue, Zoe always swoops in and makes small remarks about him not having a career or accomplishments, but not with bad intentions. As long as Zoe keep making these mistakes we aren’t sure if the couple will last.

But the couple may already be on the verge of breaking up due to Wade leaving the Battle of the Bands with another woman.

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