Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 15 “The Gambler” Recap


Last Night’s Episode of Hart of Dixie was all about Romance and Music. Wade is getting ready for one of the biggest nights of his life, competing in the Battle of The Bands with his band “Mind Face”. Wade invites Zoe, George and Tammy to come and listen to his band at rehearsals. During the night of rehearsals Zoe and George both being to think that Wade doesn’t have a chance of winning Battle of The Bands with the lead singer Meatball who they say sounds horrible.

George and Zoe try to talk Wade out of letting Meatball be the lead singer. George makes up a bogus story about how he wants to be lead singer for the battle of the bands, but wade denies him the chance. After George leaves Zoe tells him that Meatballs is a horrible singer and that they should go with George and Wade tells her that he has it under control and that she should leave music up to him.

During the next practice session Wade tells Meatball that maybe they should switch it up and do covers but Meatball doesn’t want to do it and he quits the band and calls Wade a sell out. Wade would have never brought the situation up if Zoe hadn’t planted it in his head.

Meanwhile back in town Mayor Lavon is helping Tom come up with a proposal plan for Wanda. Tom has a horse drawn carriage set up, even though he fears horses. Back at the bar Lavon overhears Wanda telling someone that she think that Tom is setting up a Proposal and that it’s Terrible. After hearing this Mayor Lavon goes to town to tell Tom that Wanda is not coming and that he overheard her saying that this proposal is terrible. Tom gets worried and upset and scares the horses and the horses begin to drag him through the town.

Back at Wades Zoe apologizes to Wade for getting into his business about the band and that she should have stayed out of it and then she reveals a present to him, which is a sign that says Wades Place, which is the name of the bar that Wade wants to open. Wade tells Zoe thank you but not seeming so excited about the present nor the apology. Zoe then gets a call from Mayor Lavon saying that she needs to come to the office because he has a patient for her.

Wade and George are at the Battle of The Bands, and George notices that Wade is drinking heavily. Meatball is also there to boo Wade, when George ask Wade to slow down on the drinking, Wade tells him that he doesn’t understand anything and then he throws George out of the band and puts Meatball back in.

Back in town Tom is called into the Town Square for an emergency but when he gets there he notices that everyone is dressed as zombies and does a flash mob routine and he notices that everyone is singing his favorite song and just then Wanda pops out of a coffin singing as a zombie in a wedding dress and she proposes to him.

Back at the Battle Of The Bands, Wade and his Band loses and he tells George that he and everyone should stop believing in him because he can never do better and just then he goes off with another female. After Zoe arrives she notices that she missed the show and that she can’t find Wade and George and Tammy both know that Wade left with another female but they don’t tell Zoe.