Hart Of Dixie: Who Should Mayor Lavon Hayes Be With?

lavon-hayes-profile It seems as if Mayor Lavon Hayes doesn’t have much luck with the women of Bluebell, Alabama. In this weeks episode of Hart Of Dixie mayor Lavon is still falling head over heels for Annabeth, whom is bestfriends with his ex lover Lemon Breeland, whom is still madly in love with Lavon. We can feel the strong connection in this love triangle, Can you?

Mayor Hayes and Lemon Breeland has quite a history, with one another, and In season one we got to see that and experience that history. The secret came out that while Lemon’s boyfriend George Tucker was in New York for months, she and Mayor Lavon had fallen madly in love with one another, but They both had to end the relationship due to Lemon’s boyfriend coming back into town. While Lemon and George got engaged she still carried around her love for Lavon and an he carried his for her.

After the secret came out about Lemon and Lavon, and that they still loved each other, George ended his engagement with Lemon. Mayor Hayes and Lemon Breeland never set fire to the love they once had for one another again, but they still were in love with one Another.

During the Election/Re-Election for Mayor, Lavon’s old college girlfriend Ruby, came to town to compete for the Mayor position and The flames were set once again. During the election Lemon was always by Lavon’s side as well as Annabeth who constantly, shared her feeling about Lavon with Lemon, without knowledge of Lemon’s past love life with Lavon. After Lavon won the election, he and Ruby decided to date once again, leaving Lemon heartbroken and confessing to Annabeth that she and Lavon once were in love. Which made Annabeth feel awful for liking him.

After Lavon and Ruby split, Lavon gained interest in Annabeth, and knowing that she liked him, wanted to go forward with a relationship. Annabeth is madly in love with Lavon but she doesn’t want to ruin her bestfriend relationship with Lemon, so she tries to restrain herself from Lavon which is a failed plan as the two hook up a couple of times unintentionally. In this week episode Annabeth finally confesses to Lemon that she still likes Lavon and that she and him have slept together, which shatters Lemons heart, and Lemon tells Annabeth that she can no longer trust her, and both women ends up in tears.

Annabeth never seems to catch a break when it comes to Lemon. Lemon is like the queen of their clique, Annabeth has to secretly be friends with Dr.Hart, no matter how much Lemon dislikes her and she always fall second to Lemon, when will Annabeth catch a break?

We can’t decide who he should be with, because either way it goes it will be a great pair. We love Lemons ability to control a tough situation and her ability to think quick to solve a problem and or solution, and we love Annabeth’s hospitality, her kindness, and her bubbly personality.

Who do you think Mayor Lavon should be with?

Who Should Mayor Lavon Hayes Be With?

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