Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 13 “Lovesick Blue” Recap

Credit: The CW Network

Credit: The CW Network

There’s nothing like a town full of sick citizens to occupy Dr. Zoe Hart’s time. Last night on Hart Of Dixie things got a little scary for the towns people as Dr. Zoe Hart learned that Flu pandemic was headed towards her town.

Mayor Lavon Hayes and Dr. Zoe Hart decided that it would be safe to quarantine the town for 48 hours, being that no one gets in and no one gets out. This causes a problem for Zoe and Lemon being that Zoe’s boyfriend Wade is out of town playing a band gig which involves his ex girlfriend and Lemon’s new boyfriend Walt has to leave town for business.

Lavon and George are both planning on doing a commercial for the town of BlueBell to attract tourist, and the theme is strawberries. Neading a leading lady Lavon suggest that Annabeth should be the leading lady playing the part of the tourist being that he and Annabeth have chemistry. Annabeth agrees to do the commercial.

Meanwhile Lemon is in a panic about what to wear or what to do for her late night dinner with Walt, she wants everything to be special. Annabeth offers Lemon some advice on what to wear and what to do, and Lemon tells Annabeth how great of a friend she is. This makes Annabeth think about the commercial she’s doing with Lavon and makes her want to back out.

While filming the commercial Annabeth lies and sya that she can’t do the commercial because she is coming down with the Flu, when in actuality she is trying to avoid her feelings for Lavon. After finding a new leading lady for the commercial Lavon doesn’t feel right doing it without Annabeth, so he leaves the set to take her some soup.

Meanwhile Zoe doesn’t like the fact that wade has to stay at his ex girlfriends house because of the town’s lockdown. As Lemon begins to leave Annabeths house Levon was begins to enter with soup. He and Annabeth sit on the couch and talk, Levon reads magazines to her and stays for a while to make sure she is okay. Annabeth and Levon almost kissed, but before you know it Annabeth ask him to leave.

Meanwhile in town the Flu breaks out, Zoe notices that someone sneezes and she ask him to go to the Dr’s office immediately and finds out that he has the flu. Just has she finished with him, she notices that the whole waiting area was full of patients and they all had the flu, and by now Zoe is wondering how the flu got into town since it was blocked off.

Back at Lemon’s she gets ready for her dinner date with Walt but she notices that she may have the flu, and instead of going to the Dr. she tries to ignore it hoping it would go away but it just gets worse through the night. When Walt arrives he leans to give Lemon a kiss and she pushes him away to sneeze. Walt then goes in the kitchen to prepare dinner and Lemon goes into the room to put on her Lingerie. Lemon comes out of the room stumbling from dizziness and she eventually collapses and admits defeat to the flu.

Zoe continues to call Wade whom isn’t picking up his phone, then one of the patients told her that she saw Wade coming back into town the night before, and Zoe realizes that Wade brought the flu to Bluebell. She goes over to Wade’s house and breaks his window to get in and take care of him.

By the end of the episode Annabeth goes to Lavon’s home to take him back the pot he brought over with the soup in it and he and Annabeth share a passionate kiss.