“Hart Of Dixie”: New Flu epidemic Headed To Bluebell

hartp Spoiler Alert!!!!
This post contains spoilers, Read At Your Own Risk

With all the relationship drama going on in Blue Bell, there is still more drama heading their way.

We have learned that in the newest episode of Hart Of Dixie “Love Sick”, that will air Tuesday Jan 15 at 8/7c, that there will be a Flu virus heading to the small town of Bluebell.

In the new episode Dr. Zoe Hart gets a call from the health department warning her that a flu epidemic is headed towards Bluebell, which results in Zoe placing the town on lock down. We also learn about the fate of some of the characters and what they will be up to in this episode.

Wade will be quarantined at his Ex-girlfriend’s house which causes Zoe to be jealous. On the other hand Mayor Levon Hayes and George Tuckerman are shooting a tourism commercial in which Levon may end up paying more attention to his co-star.

Lemon on the other hand has plans out with Walt that night, but she may have to end up cancelling her plans due to her coming down with a sickness.

One question that we won’t to know from this press release, released by The CW is, Why is wade at his ex-girlfriend’s house in the first place? I guess we all have to wait until Tuesday to find out. Will you be watching?