‘Arrow’ Season 2 Will have a major makeover


In season 1 Oliver was stamped with the title vigilante and criminal, but according to the show’s executive producer, that is all about to change in season 2. Oliver, whom is also known by his identities of The Hood and The Vigilante, will now be seen as a hero instead of a vigilante this season.

“You’ll see exactly why it’s necessary for Oliver to be a hero,” explains exec producer Marc Guggenheim. “It’s all in response to what happened in the season finale.”

Marc also stated that the season premiere will pick up five months after the devastation in the season 1 finale, and that we should expect to see a new lair, new characters and a new look for Oliver.

“The stuff to look forward to the most is all the new toys we’re going to put on the table, Our goal was to come up with someone who was as good an antagonist for Oliver as Malcolm was without being a Malcolm Merlyn clone. This is someone who is going about things in a very different way than Malcolm did and is perhaps even more deadly as a result” says Marc.

Arrow season two premieres October 9th.