Arrow: Season 1 Episode 15 “Dodger” Recap!


Last night’s episode of Arrow didn’t fall short of Amazing ans we were at the edge of our seat as always. Last night Ex Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes may his debut appearance on the show as the character Roy Harper, who seems to be yet another trouble maker to add to the show and may be a love interest to Oliver’s sister Thea.

Felicity is concerned by Queen’s decisions with regard to going after people on the list. Diggle expresses concern about Felicity to Oliver. Felicity walks in and Queen tries to put her at ease about his Arrow process. A news report talks about a criminal named the Dodger who steals using explosive collars. Queen asks Felicity to help them take him down.

Meanwhile Oliver’s mother meets up with an old friend named Frank and tells him that she wants to get out of the ‘Undertaking’, and he and she both know that it won’t be easy and that it may come at a price. Moira expresses that they began the undertaking to fix the city but now it is tearing the city apart.

At the diner Felicity, Oliver, and Digger all sit at the table talking about how to take down the new criminal they call “The Dodger”. Felicity then ask them about Cara, the waitress who is servicing them, and Oliver tells Felicity that Digger has a thing for her and that he should as her out, and Digger says that he will if Oliver agrees to ask Mckenna Hall out. Felicity then comes up with a plan to get Oliver to bug Mckenna’s phone so that they can learn everything that Mckenna knows about “The Dodger”.

While Laurel and Thea are walking a guy in a Red Hoodie snatches Thea’s purse and Laurel begins to chase after him. The corner him at a fence but he jumps the fence and gets away. Oliver places the bug on Mckenna’s phone and then ask her on a date.

During Digger and Carly’s date he accidentally brings up his brother and she wonders if perhaps the whole thing is too complicated. During Mckenna and Queen’s date she starts asking him about the island. She points out that those years must have changed him and he agrees. Hall is called away from dinner for work. Queen calls Felicity and has her activate the bug on Hal’s phone.

Thea finds out the guy who snatched her purse and turns him in to the police. As he is being questioned he gives the cops a sob story about how he needs the money because his mother is hooked on a drug called “Vertigo” and that he needs the money to help get her some medical attention.

The then tells the police that she will not press charges against the guy and that they should let him go. Later Thea visits his home and tries to talk to him, but he just give her smart remarks and judge her because her family is rich. Then he goes to tell her that she shouldn’t fall for every sob story a guy like him tells to the police and Thea ask for her purse back and he gives it back to her.

Felicity and Oliver set up a plan to put up a Queen family broach to be donated knowing that “The Dodger” will go for the jewels. When they get to the event Felicity notices that “The Dodger” is trying to steal the broach and he then places a bomb collar around her neck. Digger and Oliver notices the collar, Oliver then suits up and gets into his arrow uniform to catch “The Dodger”. Once he catches up with the dodger he shoots an arrow in his arms and servers his median nerves in which he can’t move his arms. Oliver, as Arrow, takes the bomb activator out of his hand and disarms it.