‘Arrow’ Producers Talks about character Roy Harper played by Ex Teen Wolf Star Colton Haynes

coltonhaynes Arrow’s executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently spoke to TV Guide and gave breif information on the new character Roy Harper, played by Teen Wolf‘s ex star Colton Haynes.

Our interpretation of Roy is hopefully unexpected. Roy is from the Glades, which is part of Starling City that is the slum of the slums, and obviously he’s from a very different side of the tracks from Thea, so that gives us a fun dynamic to play around with. We’re designing it to be a longer-term relationship” says Guggenheim.

Ray Harper will be appearing in episode 15 of Arrow. The producer also talks to Entertainment weekly more about Colton and Roy.

“Colton Haynes is awesome. He’s so fantastic, and no one should be that handsome. But Roy is a great deal of fun for us because obviously, the character of Roy Harper has three different Arrow-related identities in the comic book — Speedy, Arsenal and Red Arrow. And we know that when Roy Harper shows up, it’s sort of a big deal for fans. And one of the things we wanted to do in the latter half of the season was give Thea a romantic interest — this is part of an overall plan to broaden her world a bit beyond the Queen mansion. We need to get her out a bit and interacting with other characters. And Roy is from the Glades — the place in Starling City that we’ve explained is the worst of the worst. He’s from a different side of the tracks than Thea. So watching them interact is a great deal of fun for us and lots of fun to write. Thea is such a strident, strong-willed person and Roy is so completely different from her. It’s fun to watch oil and water try to mix”

Are you ready to see Colton haynes in Arrow.